Trivellini's Manufacture


The process begins with the project design phase that takes place in synergy with the private individual or with the architect / designer. Within the technical office, we then move on to the development of the executive design starting from the architectural design and, at the same time, takes place the feasibility assessment of the project.
The main feature that distinguishes every processing phase is to be performed manually by our craftsmen who, with the help of highly specialized machinery, give the product the typical customization of craftsmanship.


Processing carried out manually with the help of innovative machinery that keep the natural characteristics of the material intact. It starts from large logs or wooden panels to get a finished piece.


The gluing is done entirely by hand, choosing the best type of glue from the various types of glue to ensure optimum seal.


The edge is used to cover the sides of a panel, this processing is performed with the latest machinery. In the curved parts the edging is done by hand, and here is the skill of our craftsmen who take care of every detail to avoid imperfections.


This is a delicate phase in which the piece of furniture suffers a partial modification of its characteristics, but is essential to proceed with the working process. It is performed by hand, with extreme care not to alter the natural and aesthetic characteristics of the furniture.


The inlay like the grouting is scrupulously done by hand, by the skill of our craftsmen, it is a phase that has remained unchanged over time.


The polishing of wooden products is an essential operation for preserving the original tone and color and preserving them from atmospheric agents. It is performed manually with products that respect the environment and the furniture. Extreme precision and attention are the essential characteristics to obtain an excellent result.


In the final phase of the working process, our technicians assemble the pieces that make up the piece of furniture, in the laboratory, so that the final result complies with the required quality standards by the big luxury furniture brands, to be sent all over the world. The same care is also dedicated to the furnishings installed by us on the spot.